Some says you won't have a single boring day in Bali. It's either you go to thrilling adventurous tracks or meditate in natural destinations that Bali has a lot to offer. Or maybe you just want to relax while working in our place, there's almost no wrong option. To help you with that, here is the list of our most recommended destination you can visit.

In-house Activities

The idea of Clan Living: The Founder is to make you just feel enough by staying in our place, especially in work-related matters. We focused on your need for work. Thus, we may not have lots of fancy attractions but nonetheless, you can find the feel of comfort and home. Below are some ideas for things to do while staying at our place.

Gather around with people from around the world who are as ambitious as you. It might surprise you how people are super friendly while working here. The co-working space is for the guest only (not open to public) so we can maintain the comfort
You can learn to make Indonesian cook especially Balinese cuisine in our kitchen. Our local tour with years of experience will make sure you can make it at home anytime you miss Bali. However, this service is by request.
Just like everywhere in the world, Saturday night in Ubud can be very crowded and busy. We often hold live music performances on the deck and free dinners. The dinner is cooked on stage, sometimes it's BBQ, so you can eat it fresh and test some local cuisine.
Ubud's weather can be too hot for some. It's always a good idea to have a quick swim at our pool. The pool's floor is made from natural river stone, the depth makes it a little green-darker and quite often considered dirty. But we can guarantee, it's not. The green-darky color is made naturally from stone and we reject to use any chemical product to clean our pool. The pool has water filters and is maintained regularly

Ubud has several locations with rice terrace sightseeing. The scenery is amazing and you can really feel your breath is fresh and easy. A good place to get some rest and meditation
Become one with the Balinese culture and experience the holy water blessing ritual. There are some requirements but they usually provide them for you. If you are lucky, you can visit the village when they were doing their ceremony.
Known for its stone carvings of Hindu gods, this cave may date as far back as the 9th century. You can learn about history of coexisting Hindu and Buddhist philosophies growing in Balinese culture
Scenic waterfall in a lush jungle setting above a shallow bathing area, with cafes nearby. The full force of waterfall makes it majestic. One of the waterfalls where you can take a swim also. Though it is bordered for dangerous area.
There are several coffee plantation spots in Ubud, though some of them may be a bit pricy but still reasonable considering the service, foods, and drinks they give to the guest.

Nearby Activities

There are lots of tourist attractions close to our place. Here are some of our best recommendations you need to visit before leaving Ubud. Every place in this list is located in Ubud you can visit them by scooter or car. Keep in mind that some attractions might cost some entrance fees.

Trip Ideas

Sometimes you want to explore Bali even further. Bali has a lot to offer and each time you visit will be a quite breathtaking experience. Here are some of the spots you can visit in Bali. Need someone to guide you? feel free to ask our team!

Get your trekking shoes ready and go to the summit of Mt. Batur. With 1717 masl, you can experience beautiful sunrise scenery. It takes 1.5 ~ 2 hours to reach the top, you need to start early in the morning to get the best experience.
There are several agencies that serve rafting at Ayung river. Most of them have great activities like rafting and riding an ATV. It's an easy guaranteed serene and fun experience. You can bring kids and families to the spot.
Watch the most iconic art show in Bali, "Tari Kecak". The village over lots of cultural experiences that you won't get bored of. It performed a story with incredible performance that gets intense overtime. Truly one experience you need to watch in a lifetime
Have you ever noticed a small island in the southeast of Bali? It's called Nusa Penida island, another heaven-on-earth you must visit. There are lots of beautiful beaches, hills, and diving spots. There are several speed boat option you can choose to get there